On the Lake Yalchik

The Lake Yalchik is located in the South-Eastern part of the Mari rebublic and the area is known as one of the best resorts in the mid-Volga region.

Photos 1: ©1997 by Kazuto Matsumura
Yuri Anduganov and his wife, Rita, with their
family friend, Olga, in the middle.

Photos 2: ©1997 by Kazuto Matsumura
Kazuto Matsumura "with flowers in both hands"
as we say in Japan or "with butter on either side
of the bread" as they say in Finland.

Photo 3: ©1997 by Kazuto Matsumura
Lake Yalchik.

Photo 4: ©1997 by Kazuto Matsumura
Tatar children from Kazan.
Last modified: Nov 10, 2002