The writers M. Shketan and S. G. Chavajn were among those Mari intelligentsia who fell victim to Stalinist mass murder in the late 1930s.

The statue of Shketan stands in a garden beside the Mari theater on Leninsky Prospekt, which is the main street of Yoshkar-Ola today. The statue of Chavajn stands in the middle of Chavajn Boulevard.

The Chavajn Boulevard connects the Park of Culture and an empty square on the right bank of the River Izi Kakshan. The park used to be the main cemetry, and the square the city center of Tsarevokokshaisk, as Yoshkar-Ola was called in the tsarist time.

Photo 1: ©1997 by Kazuto Matsumura
M. Shketan [Jakob Pavlovich Majorov]

Photo 2: ©1997 by Kazuto Matsumura
Sergej Grigorjevich Chavajn
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